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Robert Lewis Stigers

Robert Lewis Stigers

Owner, Web Designer

How’s it going, my name is Robert. I grew up in Chico, and went to Neal Dow Elementary, Bidwell Jr High, Pleasant Valley High School, Butte College, and Chico State. I am the owner of Chico Designs, and have been practicing website design since launching my first website in 2001. I started out building personal websites and making e-commerce stores for friends, before founding Chico Designs in 2009. I graduated from California State University Chico, with a masters degree in psychology science. My thesis research project was titled, “Online Social Network Behaviors As Predictors Of Personality”, and was an exploration of the different activities of people on social websites like Facebook and Twitter. I apply much of what I learned in graduate school to building websites for clients, our websites are built to appeal to the target audience, to be simple for visitors to navigate, give a positive impression of the business or organization, and increase the conversion rate of visitors who purchase from you or contact you.

In addition to website design we are also experts at branding, logo design, products packaging design, customer impression management, and business consultation. We offer expert professional services that could benefit nearly any business. Send us a message and let us know what your business needs and we will get started working on it right away.

My Favorite Stuff

Books: Little Prince & 1984
Breed of Dog: English Springer Spaniel
Cartoon: Rick & Morty
Colors: Blue & Green
Food: Vegetarian Burrito